The SmashPack Lineup

About the product
  • DELICIOUS PROTEIN AND FRUIT - A smoothie blend made of real food in a convenient squeeze pouch.
  • MUSCLE RECOVERY - 14 grams of premium whey protein isolate to repair muscles.
  • INFLAMMATION REDUCTION - Five grams of healthy fat work to reduce post workout inflammation and provide long-lasting energy
  • PRE / POST WORKOUT PERFORMANCE - Food for athletes and active on-the-go adults
  • NATURALLY SWEETENED BY FRUIT - No Gluten, No Soy, No Artificial ingredients! Kosher certified.

SmashPack is a paleo-friendly, delicious protein and fruit smoothie food squeeze pouch made of premium whey protein isolate, fruit, a healthy fat and nothing else. These performance packs are crafted to be the ultimate, easy to digest, sports nutrition pack to satisfy the needs of elite athletes and the taste buds of aspiring foodies. SmashPack is the perfect food for a pre- workout energy boost, post-workout recovery snack, a quick breakfast or an on-the- go healthy snack. Real food should be made with real, pure and simple ingredients that is why SmashPack is made with a short list of recognizable ingredients and no preservatives, no gluten, no soy, no artificial ingredients and are only naturally sweetened by the fruit. Elite cross-training athletes, professional football players, ultra-endurance athletes, OCR racers and HIIT trainers rely on SmashPack to improve their performance without sacrificing taste while student athletes, active teens and on-the- go adults love the delicious fruit flavors and convenience of a healthy portable snack. SmashPack protein packs do not require refrigeration and come in durable, convenient and portable BPA-free packs that are easy to toss in bag and go.



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